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August 16, 2009

warrior legacy foundation

The Warrior Legacy Foundation is a non-profit organization (filing for 501C3/C4 status) that is committed to the protection and promotion of the reputation and dignity of America’s Warriors.


Across every generation, at war and at peace, America has asked her citizens to protect liberty and defend freedom at all costs. No matter the terrain or political climate, America’s Warriors have met every challenge and made every sacrifice that was asked of them in order to defeat our enemies and protect our way of life. The Warrior Legacy Foundation is a passionate advocate for the preservation and elevation of the hallowed legacy of the American Warrior Class.

Join us and stand firm in defense of the heritage of those brave souls who have preserved and protected our sovereignty throughout our great nation’s history.

They have asked for nothing and have given us everything.

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Sam’s medical status: 

bike therapy_caremeridian august 2009 Sam is having some difficult days. He is frustrated with his own disability, and some perceptions that can also be lauded as progress. When Erin leaves in the evenings, he would like to accompany her home and has even asked her why she is leaving him there. This tears at Erin’s heart and she tries to explain it to him. They have the van now, and Erin takes him on outings to break the monotony. One day he was rather upset that Erin didn’t inquire as to what he wanted as they went through the drive-thru to get a soda. (He is still on the feeding tube). We are excited that he recognizes many of the everyday tasks that he will again be able to do someday; but they seem such a challenge right now. I’ve heard men and women of God proclaim that the absence of faith is fear. I understand this as it is easy to see fear creep into Sam’s situation. Fear that he won’t recover any further, fear that one of these infections will result in a serious illness, or just fear that he is miserable in his present condition. These would weigh on any father or mother, but Jesus is speaking directly to us today when he simply says, "Don’t be afraid, Just believe." You may ask, Believe what? He is telling us to put our faith in him as Master of the Word of God. Jesus was willing (and able) then to heal all who were sorely oppressed and he still is today. He is just looking for someone to believe it. Wendy and I stand on his word and believe it with all our hearts. Sam is healed, his restoration is eminent, and we thank Jesus for his gentle reminder to be fearless while it is being accomplished..

Much Love,

We celebrated Sam’s 25th birthday on August 12th.  We had a party at Sam’s house on Monday and then another one at the CareMeridian facility.  The 12th was very special because it was the first time Sam has been back to the home that he grew up in.  Erin asked him if he knew why they were back at his dad’s house and he said, “for my homecoming”.  It was bitter sweet because the next day at CareMeridian, he asked Erin to take him back home.  She, of course, gently reminded Sam that he must still remain at CareMeridian so that he could continue to get special nursing care. 

bowling trip_july_2009 As Eric pointed out above, it can be painful at times seeing Sam progress and become more aware of his surroundings.  Last week, Erin took her mother, Julie, to see a San Francisco Giants game as they are both big fans.  When Sam got up in the morning, he told the nurses that he wanted to see Erin.  They told him that she was taking the day off to go see the Giant’s game and wouldn’t be in that day.  Sam, who really hasn’t had the ability to show much emotion since he was injured, began to cry.  Sad—but also good that he was able to show such strong emotion for the first time!  This morning when one of the nurses was in Sam’s room, she made a noise which woke him up abruptly (which is also something pretty new since he can be very hard to wake up).  The nurse said that when he awoke, he turned his head back and forth to survey his surroundings, then motioned the nurse to come over to him.  He held out his right arm and then gave her a big hug.  When Erin arrived, the nurses were talking about his new sense of awareness….the picture is from a bowling trip Sam and Erin took in July.   

Peace and Love to all,


Mobile Marine Van

July 28, 2009

Van provided by Injuried Marine Semper Fi Fund 7_24_09 Happy Anniversary to Sam and Erin.  Six years and going strong.  Their anniversary was actually yesterday and they celebrated by going out to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  The picture on the right is Erin and Sam getting into their wheelchair accessible van.  I stated in my previous blog post that the van is being supplied by the Wounded Warrior Project….actually it is the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund who is paying for the rental of this van.  You can’t really read the emblem on the side door but it says, “Wounded Warrior—Freedom isn’t Free”. 

Kinsley's 1st birthday party_visit by Sam and Erin_July 2009 I also forgot to mention that July 24th was the 2nd anniversary of Sam’s “Alive Day” in which we celebrate the fact that he got a second chance at life.  Although it has been two very long years, Sam is close to home at CareMeridian in Granite Bay.  Erin calls it “Sam’s place”.  It really is a home that was converted to long term care facility.  The staff at CareMeridian are wonderful people and they absolutely love Sam (and Erin).  When I first heard about Sam going to CareMeridian, I thought the therapy and improvement would be over, but Sam is still progressing very nicely with the help of the therapist on staff.  We continue to see improved movement in Sam’s left side, including his arm, fingers, foot and leg.   When I visited a few days ago Erin was having Sam move various fingers in his left hand.  She kept telling him to move his “angry finger” and he was able to extend it out about half way.  Pretty soon he’ll be showing everyone the finger—especially when he gets mad 🙂 …Once I figure out how to do it, I’ll have Erin make some video’s of Sam’s therapy and post it in the blog for all to see.

A special note of gratitude to the families of James McRae, Matthew Zindars, Robert Lynch and Daniel Noble.  Your sons died with honor serving their country.   I know the anniversary of their death must be very difficult.  We will pray for you and always remember the sacrifice your sons made for our country.

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