Mobile Marine Van

Van provided by Injuried Marine Semper Fi Fund 7_24_09 Happy Anniversary to Sam and Erin.  Six years and going strong.  Their anniversary was actually yesterday and they celebrated by going out to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  The picture on the right is Erin and Sam getting into their wheelchair accessible van.  I stated in my previous blog post that the van is being supplied by the Wounded Warrior Project….actually it is the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund who is paying for the rental of this van.  You can’t really read the emblem on the side door but it says, “Wounded Warrior—Freedom isn’t Free”. 

Kinsley's 1st birthday party_visit by Sam and Erin_July 2009 I also forgot to mention that July 24th was the 2nd anniversary of Sam’s “Alive Day” in which we celebrate the fact that he got a second chance at life.  Although it has been two very long years, Sam is close to home at CareMeridian in Granite Bay.  Erin calls it “Sam’s place”.  It really is a home that was converted to long term care facility.  The staff at CareMeridian are wonderful people and they absolutely love Sam (and Erin).  When I first heard about Sam going to CareMeridian, I thought the therapy and improvement would be over, but Sam is still progressing very nicely with the help of the therapist on staff.  We continue to see improved movement in Sam’s left side, including his arm, fingers, foot and leg.   When I visited a few days ago Erin was having Sam move various fingers in his left hand.  She kept telling him to move his “angry finger” and he was able to extend it out about half way.  Pretty soon he’ll be showing everyone the finger—especially when he gets mad 🙂 …Once I figure out how to do it, I’ll have Erin make some video’s of Sam’s therapy and post it in the blog for all to see.

A special note of gratitude to the families of James McRae, Matthew Zindars, Robert Lynch and Daniel Noble.  Your sons died with honor serving their country.   I know the anniversary of their death must be very difficult.  We will pray for you and always remember the sacrifice your sons made for our country.

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6 Responses to Mobile Marine Van

  1. Kalista says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Keep up the great work Sam- you are doing AWESOME 🙂

  2. Carol Calloway says:

    I am a little late but wanted to wish a Happy Anniversary to two people who deserve all the love you give to each other and more. God bless you both. And know that you are in my prayers every single day.

  3. erin nichols says:

    i hate to bust your blogs here dad, but it’s the INJURED Marine Semper Fi Fund. It was started is still run by 2 Marine artillery wives near the beginning of the current wars in response to Marine and Corpsman’s families dealing with unforeseen expenses due to severe injury sustained in war.

  4. tony neria says:

    Boy—I have the hardest time remembering their name, “Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund”. I even have their logo listed to the right in this blog! I fixed it. Thanks Erin for keeping me on track.

  5. Aunt Tammy says:

    “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sam, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!” I just wanted to be the first to wish you “Happy Birthday”. Erin and Julie called Uncle Daryl today to wish him Happy Birthday, but remember Sam and Uncle Daryl share the same day. So, Sam have a great day tommrow. WE will eat lots of cake for you.

  6. Eric (Sam's Dad) says:

    Today is Sam’s birthday. He is 25 years young with many years ahead of him and lots of living yet to do. We had a party for him at my house on Monday afternoon, spearheaded by his brother, Don. Lots of silliness with a spiderman pinata, superballs, and bags of dum-dum suckers. Sam knew it was his b’day, but also thought it was a homecoming party as it is the first time he’s been here since March of ’07. Wendy and I wish that you all could have been there to celebrate his life with us, but Sam says it all when in a raspy voice says, “I love you!”

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