An Embrace from the Faithful One

From Tony, Erin’s Father:  I’ve been going to the gym every morning and working out with Erin all this week.  Hopefully we can keep this up.  It also affords me an opportunity to get the scoop on the latest with Sam.  Erin told me that yesterday Sam and quite a break-through in his physical therapy.  He was laying on his left side on the therapy table and his therapist asked him to turn over.  He was able to move his upper body so that he was facing the ceiling—but what he was able to do for the first time, was to move his right leg up and then straighten his whole body so that he was totally facing the ceiling.  That wasn’t the only thing that he did—while laying down on the table and his knees up (with his feet flat on the table), he was able to move his right leg down to the right touching the mat and then back up to touch his left knee.  He had done this a few times in the past—only one time and they he couldn’t do any more, but this time, he did it seven times in a row…arm on wheelchair1_9_2010rested a few minutes and then did it three more times.  As he was doing it, the therapist said, “I think he’s having a break-through”. 

Speaking of Sam’s right side, Erin and the therapist have been working on his right arm which has been improving lately.  The photo shows him pushing his wheel chair with his left are, but they have been noticing some movement in his right arm as he tries to use both hands to propel him along.  Very small improvement, but none-the-less, a significant  improvement on his right side. 

For those of who of you who are using facebook, there is a “group” called “Support for Sgt Samuel Nichols”.  Just search for this group in facebook and join.  Erin and I will start adding quickie updates on this facebook page.  The group page was started by Patrick Couhie who happens to be the Navy Corpsman who first brought medical add to Sam right after the roadside bomb hit their convoy.  I’m sure Patrick’s quick actions are the reason Sam is with Holly meeting Sam for the firs time1-14-2010us today.  I hope to start adding more frequent updates in this blog too…I tend to wait until I have almost too much information and then life happens and I put off updates for weeks at a time!  I will try to do better. 

Speaking of life happening, Erin’s sister, Allison had a baby on January 4th (Holly Quinn).  She was 6 pounds 10 ounces.  Allison brought Holly to see Sam about a week after she was born.  After holding Holly for about a half hour, Erin asked Sam, “what do you think of Holly?”.  And Sam, or course, had the perfect response.  He said, “I love her!”. 

From Sam’s Father Eric:
Good Morning All,

Isn’t it incredible that after 2 1/2 years since Sam’s injury, that the
interest in His recovery and progress hasn’t waned in the least? What is it about Sam’s particular case that makes He and Erin so special and the object of everyone’s prayers and good wishes? Have you asked yourself why you await word in the form of an update or new submission to his blog? The answer is simple really, and probably doesn’t escape most of you; but it was a real encouragement to me to glean this from a conference I recently attended. That is, "Faith is what sticks after you’ve had an embrace from the Faithful One". That couldn’t be more true for all of you. God selected each and everyone of you to pray for Sam and Erin, and in so doing laid on your hearts the faith by which to accomplish just that. Yes, their love is a classic story and of great human interest as well; but human interest stories come and go. Only what is done by God remains, and what he does is usually accomplished through people. Scripture is full of those examples, so we continue to stand together for Sam’s total restoration. His healing is already here; just ask God to show it to you….

We’ve had some very special friends from a sister church in Redding, Ca., (Bethel) come and pray for Sam and Erin. It is a 3 hour drive one way, and then they spent 4.5 hours praying with us, and then 3 hours back home. All of this on top of working that day and having to be back at work the next day. What an inspiring time that was too. They not only came here under the direction of the Holy Spirit for Sam, but for the rest of us as well. My faith soared as EricNSamPraying_2_6_2010 I observed a young couple on fire for the Lord, aggressively pray for Sam’s release. Their mentor, quietly praying in the background, and all 3 of them displaying the love of Jesus and the early apostles. We are truly thankful to them for their obedience and faithfulness to God’s directions. Also some ladies from our church choir, including my sister Jan and sister-in-law Debbie, came to sing some worship songs to Sam. It was wonderful to see Sam mouthing the words to "Jesus Loves Me"…The picture of Sam and I was taken during one of those prayer sessions; but what made it so special to me was while I was praying, Sam reached up and held the side of my face and neck. This melts my heart about as much when he says "I love you, Dad".

Some might think Sam has plateaued in his progress forward. This is not so, but maybe have to see the daily details of all that he does or is able to do. Erin continues to make him her full time job and is responsible for all of his immediate care. She asks the right questions when appropriate, and gives good reports every time I see her. Her spirits are high and defeat isn’t in her vocabulary. She approaches everyday with new enthusiasm and it is infectious of all those around her. She edifies the other patient’s families and answers many of their questions. She attends class a few nights per week as she studies sign language for an eventual career in speech therapy. We love her and try to support her in all that she does. Her sister’s new baby has made her a doting Aunt, and that too is precious…

Much Love,


8 Responses to An Embrace from the Faithful One

  1. Bena Fabian says:

    Glad to have the blog back after quite a while! I never cease to be amazed at both of your families and your faith in God. It is truly inspiring. Be on the lookout for a pkg of Valentines made by my friend’s 7th grade class.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the Lovebirds!

  2. I won’t quit praying for Sam and Erin until Sam is able to get around again on his own power and is com-pletely healed. I have faith that God can and will do this. So I pass my love on to both of you and say, “Don’t ever give up. God won’t give up on either of you.

    God bless you both,

    Carol Calloway

  3. Carol Berul says:

    Sam and Erin have been in my thoughts and prayers since Tony first told us (the SLC Choir and instrumentalists) what had happened. Many miracles have happened since that day, and the latest one shows that Sam remains on a healing path. I’ve been doing a bit of reading lately on neuroscience and brain research (I used to work with Seniors – some of whom had had strokes or other serious illnesses). Many of the newer studies cited in the books I’ve read show that the brain heals slowly and that what used to be mistaken as an absence of progress are really the body and brain’s way of taking the time to assimilate the changes (new neural pathways) that are occurring. That’s where faith, hope and prayer sustain all of us – during those periods while we wait for the next “breakthrough” – which will come in it’s own time – but it WILL come.

    Peace and blessings to Sam and Erin and to all who love them.

  4. julie says:

    Prayers continue from BC Canada! It’s wonderful to read of Sam’s progress and the breakthrough. Loads of love, support and prayers to all of you as you journey forward!


  5. Please take 3 minutes and watch this youtube video.

    Greg James is a Retired Naval Petty Officer, served in 3 wars and 4 armed conflicts and wounded by an explosive device in Iraq war was in an explosion 2003 and stricken with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). He was paralyzed over 65% of body had lost 80% of body mass and the prognosis was grim. He went from 215 pounds down to 135 pounds. THis is a 3 minute video.

    I have worked with this food science company for over 17 years and have seen what the body can do with this patented nutrition. I have seen it change lives like it did mine.

    If you would like more information call me. This changed my life years ago. Bless you.

    Stephanie and Paul Collins

  6. Jenni says:

    Glad to hear of Sam’s breakthrough in physical therapy and the special moments that he has had with his dad. I think of you often as you journey through the world of TBI.

  7. Kris Abbruzzi says:

    I will never stop praying for Sam and Erin, as long as I’m still around! I feel so blessed and so lucky to be just one of the chosen ones to pray for and support one of the greatest couples and their families on the planet.

    How wonderful to read about yet another breakthrough!! YAY!! YOU GO SAM!!! And Erin, you are an incredible inspiration to me and so many others. You really are.

    God bless you Sam, Erin, the Nichols and Neria families. And welcome Baby Holly!! You are beautiful!!!

    – Kris, a Soldiers’ Angel from RI

  8. trannies says:

    Well i’m from Ireland, and throughout Ireland bono and the lads are unquestionably liked and also could certainly not do really much incorrect, we all love them.

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