Who do we idolize?

I happen to be the same age as Michael Jackson, so I grew up listening to the Jackson 5 and to a lesser degree, Michael Jackson as a solo act.  I thought he was a very good singer and dancer, but I never bought any of his records or went to see him in concert.  I only bring him up because it frustrates me to no end seeing how people idolize celebrities as a whole.  There is still nightly news cast about all the controversy surrounding his life and death.  But where is the news about our military as they continue to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan?  These are the men and woman who have volunteered to put their lives on the line to fight for our country.  They continue to get wounded and many still die on a daily basis.  They don’t have a fancy glove on their hand or do the moon walk.  They only pledge their lives to their country and many give the ultimate sacrifice.   There is usually a small article in the local newspaper or a 30 second blurb on the local news.  Our national and local news media are letting us down.  They spend hours filming Michael Jackson’s hearse as it makes it’s way through bumper to bumper traffic in Los Angeles, but has little to nothing about a soldier who gave his life for our country.  And to the general public– Michael Jackson is much more interesting.


sam at kinseys 1st birthday party

Sam’s Medical Status:   A few weeks ago Sam was able to go to the 1st birthday party for Kinsley who is the daughter of Amanda and Brian.  Amanda has been very close friends with both of my daughters for over 20 years and she has been like a daughter to me.  Sam arrived in a wheelchair accessible van and stayed at the party for about four hours.  Kinsley is so good with Sam and loves it when he tickles her feet.  As you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous.

We hope to get Sam out more often as it seems to really stimulate his brain.  When Sam officially gets discharged from the Marines (yes, he is still a Marine assigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion out of Camp Pendleton) he will receive a new wheelchair accessible van from the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  Until then, Erin is being supplied with a van from the Wounded Warrior Project.  She took Sam out for a ride this morning along with one of the therapist from CareMeridian.

Sam was released from Sutter Roseville Hospital yesterday morning after being admitted last Friday with Drug Resistant Pseudomonas in his lungs. His temperature soared to nearly 106 degrees.  He remained in the hospital for five days after being put on IV antibiotics which he will remain on for about two weeks. His temperature went down after a couple days, and he is now feeling much better.  He is happy to be back at CareMeridian where he can be out of his bed and in his wheelchair spending time with Erin and the staff and residents.


8 Responses to Who do we idolize?

  1. Lisa Hall says:

    I ask myself the very same question.
    It makes me sick that an “entertainer” can be held up as a hero, yet our Miltary Men & Women who sacrifice so much are literally ignored.
    I am so thankful for Sam and his service and in my book he is a real hero!
    God Bless You All and I will pray for Sam’s continued healing.

  2. Kris Abbruzzi says:

    Holy smokes I couldn’t agree more. I can tell you who I idolize — that would be Sam and Erin and your families, I can’t think of better examples of actual, real life, true heroes in every sense of the term. Michael Jackson was creepy and a train wreck and gosh I’m so tired of seeing his face plastered everywhere I look. And also agree that our local/national news and media outlets continue to let us all down on many fronts. It seems to me that there are no more, or at least way too few, actual journalists left on the planet.

    Sorry to hear that Sam was so sick again! But great to read that he’s been getting out and about. God bless the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and WWP. Wonderful organizations that do so much for our wounded warriors. God bless them!

    Thoughts, prayers, support and loads of angel hugs are coming your way every single day. And they always will.

    – Kris, a Soldiers’ Angel from RI

  3. julie says:

    I grew up with Michael Jackson as well, and although I understand his contribution to the music world was monumental, I too shake my head at where the MSM and Society seem to think their focus should be. Sometimes it makes you want to stand up and yell to the world…don’t you GET IT??! But of course they clearly don’t. It seems like they have lost sight of what is truly important. Hollywood has clearly infiltrated the news or what’s left of it and is certainly shaping society.

    Even more the reason to walk the walk of a grateful life ourselves and never let a day go by where we aren’t thankful to God and those who bravely serve, our wounded, Veterans and their families. The focus is never blurred by those who live gratitude..they don’t forget. We need to use this to strengthen our determination to shine the light where it truly should be.

    I’m thankful for Sam and all those who have served so bravely and continue to do so. There’s just no adequate wording to describe the gratitude I feel. I’m also thankful for this blog and the reflections and resources within.the faith and love that shine so bright. You’ve all enriched my own life and subsequently my children’s.
    I’m so happy to hear of the progress Sam is making. I think about Sam and your entire family each and every day. I’m sure getting out and about makes a world of difference to everyone, and of course especially Sam. I pray for continued healing and progress, and for those antibiotics to kick those Drug Resistant Pseudomonas clear out of this world..they can take the MSM with them! All the best to everyone! Keep the faith as I know you will 🙂

    Julie Morelli
    Soldiers’ Angels

  4. Someone has said that western society is like a department store window where the cheap stuff is expensive and the expensive stuff is cheap. As a culture we just do not seem capable of having appropriate values. Love and deep respect G

  5. Patti says:

    Dear Sam, Erin and Families,

    Especially today….I wanted to remind you that we are all here still praying and still cheering!! Thank YOU for sharing your many Miracles with us. Bless You All.

    Big Hugs, The Kjenstad Family

  6. Just know that we have been behind you every step of the way. We look forward to the progress reports.
    Sam, Erin, and families, you are the true Hero’s here.
    Thinking of all of you here in Maine
    Debbie in Maine
    Maine Troop Greeter

  7. erin nichols says:

    Although we have been involved with the wounded warrior project, it is the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund who is supplying us with the loaner van. We received the van Wednesday morning; thanks to rollx vans who converted the Chrysler Town and Country to a wheelchair accessible van.

  8. Kelley (Sam's mom!) says:

    Hi Sam and Erin,

    Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary,

    We love you lots!!!

    Kelley & Jose

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