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I found a wonderful TBI resource on the web and would like to pass the information on to all who are interesting in learning more about Traumatic Brain Injury:

Welcome to Brainline

We are pleased to introduce BrainLine.org, an exciting new resource on preventing, treating, and living with traumatic brain injury. BrainLine.org is a comprehensive website where people can find authoritative, useful, and timely information and resources.

Please visit BrainLine.org to find:
– Fact sheets and TBI basics
– Personal stories
– Video interviews and roundtable discussions with experts in the field
– Information on symptoms and treatments
– Strategies and tools
– Research and resources
– And more

BrainLine includes special sections for people with TBI, their families and friends, and the professionals who work with them. With new information featured each week, the site is designed to be a helpful place where people can gather information, learn about new research, and find a community of support and hope.

Please let us know what you think of the site by sending us feedback at info@BrainLine.org.

Sam’s medical status:

Hi to all,

I’m a little late with this weeks update but still have some interesting news about Sam.  Erin and the staff at Kentfield have been having fits trying to figure out why Sam is having so many seizures lately.  It turns out they may be over-reacting and he may not be having seizures at all.  Erin noticed that the “seizure activity” always happens around the same time of the day in the afternoon.  She also remembered that Sam’s seizure activity really spiked when he had a roommate about a month back.  Putting two and two together, they now suspect that Sam is not getting enough rest (sleep) and is getting very tired in the afternoon.  When he’s taking his nap, which seems to come on pretty sudden, he had a tendency to twitch his legs.  They are now thinking he has Restless Legs Syndrome and all the seizure type activity they are seeing is actually just Sam taking a nap. So—they are backing off with the seizure meds they have been giving him and have changed his schedule around to allow for a mid-day nap (11AM until 130PM).  The doctor is also requesting that Sam stay in a room by himself to allow for better rest and sleep.

Sam is going to have an Endoscopy sometime this week or the next to take a look at his esophagus.  They are looking at giving him Botox treatment to help with his swallowing.  The hope is that he will eventually be able to take in fluids through his mouth.

Sam is going to eventually have tendon surgery in his right leg to correct his foot drop issue, but for now, the plan is to wait until he returns to the VA hospital in Palo Alto.  Speaking of Palo Alto, it looks like Sam and Erin will be headed back there sometime towards the end of this month (October).  Sam has come a long way since being at Kentfield, but he is now ready to go back to Palo Alto and continue with the next level of therapy.


4 Responses to Welcome to brainline.org

  1. Wanda Simpson says:

    Dear Tony,
    It is so great to hear of the improvements that Sam continues to make. I have faithfully followed his progress and prayed for him. Like you, Erin and the families, I thank God for his continued progress.
    When Sam was at Bethesda and Palo Alto, as you may recall, my grandson, Phil Mishaga, a Naval Corpsman, was there with him. Phil was seriously injured in Iraq on August 25, 2007. I’m so happy to tell you, that he has fully recovered from his injuries and has once again been cleared for active duty. However, it appears that he will be deployed again in early January with the same Battalion of Marines he was with in Iraq, but instead of going back to Iraq they will be on a M.E.U. (Marine Expeditionary Unit). They will be on a ship, performing humanitarian, training and security missions in numerous, different parts of the world, including Africa and many others along the way. Being on a M.E.U. means they will always be “on call” and can go anywhere they are needed, so it’s possible they could return to Iraq, or more likely Afghanistan.
    Please help us pray for Phil and his Battalion’s safe return from this mission.
    Wanda Simpson

  2. Dan says:

    Dear family of Sam,

    It sounds like Sam is doing so much better and is continuously improving. I can’t wait to see a picture of him with a Mickey’s in his hand again. I served with Sam for two deployments and had the honor to be on his gun during our last field op as an artillery battery (we were the fastest gun in the whole regiment). Everyone writes and to testify about the caliber of man sam was. Words can never and will never even come close to the respect and admiration everyone has for him. I hope I get a chance to visit again soon and I have some photos of him I can send you if you want. Just tell me where to send them and they’re yours. Tell him to keep up the good fight and get gun four back in action.

    P.S. Erin you are by far and away one of the strongest women I have ever met. Thank you for taking care of our beloved chief.

  3. Eric, Sam's Dad says:

    Dan…What an incredibly nice and thoughtful email about Sam’s leadership of his artillery assignment. He was very proud of his “Gun” and all those who participated on that with him…He was proud of being a Section Chief while he was but a Corporal…Tony and I are trying to keep records of his journey through the USMC and his road to recovery…If you have pictures you could share, please send them to my attention to the hospital address above…And Thanks again…

    God Bless You, The USMC, and America….

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    […]Welcome to brainline.org « Sgt. Samuel Nichols, USMC[…]…

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