Update on Sam at Marin General Hospital

marin general hospital I was finally able to get a complete update from Erin a few minutes ago. She said Sam is doing much better and looks really good. He has a central line and they are pumping him full of antibiotics.

Sam has Sepsis which I’ve been told can be very serious. However the doctors at the hospital say he will be fine. The infectious disease doctor said Sam has lots of microorganisms in his blood stream that are causing the fever. He said Sam is lucky to be a “strong” 23 years old so that his body can fight the infection.

They plan to keep Sam at the Marin General Hospital for about a week to make sure they take care of all the issues related to the sepsis. Erin said they have an amazing staff and a very comfortable room. The staff is very attentive and they are even ordering speech, physical and occupational therapy for him while he is at this hospital!

I asked Erin how Sam’s speaking was coming along and she said he’s continuing to improve. She said lately he has been waving his arm around and sort of mouthing lots of words. He’s been rehearsing his “I’ve got a dream” speech as Erin described it. As we were getting off the phone, we told Erin to tell Sam that we loved him and he said back to Erin, “I love them too”.

I’ve been receiving lots of emails from people saying they are praying for Sam…and I’ve been passing them on to Erin. I just set her up with an Internet broadband card so she can get Internet access from anywhere in the Marin County area and check her email or look at the comments left in the blog.

Thank you for your prayers!!!


12 Responses to Update on Sam at Marin General Hospital

  1. We are still praying of course; it has been a rough week for us; our premature grand-daughter was borne at 2Lbs. 6 ounces, but she is doing fine. However, I had to put Susan in the hospital tonight, and she has a really bad viral infection that they have not identified, yet, so they are filling her up with fluids, and anti-biotics, and keeping her for a couple of days to see if she improves; so we will surely pray for each other. She has not slept in about 3 days, and is coughing nearly all of the time. I have had her in the ER, the urgent care, and finally the doctor’s office, and the DOC finally said that this is enough, we have to put her in to see what is going on, and they gave her demorral, and the last I checked on her, she was sleeping.God Bless

  2. Denny from Antelope says:

    Praise God! What else can we say…
    Larry, I’m praying for your family. What a privilege it is to go to the Father for one another! -Denny

  3. Carol Tomlinson says:

    I have been so excited to hear that Sam is regaining his ability to speak. I am so delighted to read every word he and phrase says. I am so thankful to God for giving him such a faithful and loving wife and family. God bless you as you journey together tword Him. love and prayers from Ohio…. Carol

  4. Danalee says:

    Tony, my prayers continue to be with Sam and the family. My problems are miniscule compared to the issues that you and yours have been facing; so, I thank you for taking the time to listen to me rattling on the other evening. Blood sepsis is serious, but, hopefully, Sam’s medical team will get it in hand. I hope you all FEEL THE LOVE. Blessings…….JESUS IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ALLELUIA!

  5. Sue and Ralph Bancroft says:

    Our prayers continue for Sam and Erin.His recovery so far is amazing.We give prayers of thanks as well that he is progressing so well so quickly.

  6. Lori & Tony Peoria says:

    I am glad you are healing Sam. Erin, he has a wonderful wife! Keep pushing him!
    Semper Fi!

  7. Kristin Abbruzzi says:

    Hey there Sam, Erin & Families,

    Thanks so much for the update and Thank God that Sam is doing so well, and even continuing to improve (YEAH!!!) under these conditions! Sam the progress you are making is remarkable, and please know that thoughts, prayers, support and LOADS AND LOADS of Angel Hugs come your and your family’s way each and every day. And saying extra prayers that all goes smoothly the next week and you can continue on your journey to recovery and kick the butt of another obstacle. God bless you Sam, Erin and the Nichols and Neria familes – hugs to you all and God bless you all.

    – Kris, a Soldiers’ Angel from RI

  8. Liz Finberg-Timmerman says:

    Nichols and Nerias,

    Hello to Sam and Erin. I am so happy to see how far Sam has come along. We are all continuing to keep you in our prayers here at home and are sure that Sam will be better soon. Just want u to know that your strength has helped me get through my own hard times just as Sam’s character always has done for me before. I love you guys!


  9. Kristin says:

    Hi guys! Just stopping by to let you all know that the thoughts and prayers are still comin’ your way!! Hoping and praying that Sam continues to fight this battle against infection and that he’s kicking some serious butt in that battle! Love the latest pic “best therapy in the world”. What’s that about pictures saying a thousand words?!? 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better Sam, and hope you’re doing OK Erin – geez there never is a dull moment, eh?

    God bless you Sam, Erin, Nichols and Neria families. Please know and never forget that thoughts, prayers, support and love are sent to you all every day. Big, GIANT hugs to you all!

    – Kris, a Soldiers’ Angel from RI

  10. Julie Neria says:

    To Susan and Larry Wiseman – We are praying for you, Susan, that you will beat that virus and become well again soon. We also are praying for your little grandbaby and your daughter. May the peace of Christ be with all of you.

  11. Brian Henley says:

    Dear Sgt Nichols,

    You’ve already done more than anybody ever expected. You are unstoppable. Months, years, decades even- I know you will forever improve.

    Dear Mrs. Erin Nichols,

    The Corps only demands that he forfeit his life or health to his country. He did that, with honor and dignity. I saw you with him at Palo Alto though, and you keep pestering him. You demand more of him than the Corps ever did, and that’s why he keeps getting better. Keep it up! As long as you insist he interact with you he will keep trying. I know him well enough to know he will never give up.

  12. Holly Markiewicz says:

    Erin and Sam-
    We love you!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Your strenghten renews my own. I’m so excited to hear about all the improvemnets Sam makes. And we will be praying for a recovery from the sepsis too.
    Love, Holly and Victor Markiewicz

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