Join me and stand with our veterans

IAVA_Action Alert_Stand With Our Veterans

Some of our injured troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are facing a ridiculous and unnecessary obstacle. Because they have been discharged early, they are not receiving their full enlistment bonuses. Some are even be asked to return payments they have already received.

A new bill that would ensure this does not continue is gaining momentum in Congress, and lawmakers need to hear from civilians who support it. We can help our nations’ veterans on this critical issue.

Please take a minute to send a message to your representatives, and tell them you support this bill. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has made it easy – just visit 

The department of defense has known about this issue for many months and continues to do nothing.  Please go to the link above and send a letter to your representatives.  The link pretty much does all the work for you.  You only need to add your address and an email will be sent automatically to the correct local congressional representatives in your area.   The link also allows you to pass this information on to other friends in your address book if you wish.

Directions to the VA Hospital in Palo Alto:  I received a request from a couple of Marines in Sam’s battery asking for directions to the VA hospital in Palo Alto from Camp Pendelton in Oceanside.  That lead me to update the page titled “Palo Alto VA” that you can find as a tab menu at the top of this blog.  If you click on that tab, there will be a new section titles “Directions from Camp Pendelton / Oceanside”.  If you scroll down further, there will be “Directions from the Sacramento Area”.  I’ve also added links to Google Maps which will give you more detailed directions and maps from both locations.

Special Visit from Doc Hansen:  In my August 12th post, I wrote about the Navy Corpsman Doc Hansen who was the first person to give medical treatment to Sam and who probably saved his life.  Yesterday Doc Hanson came up from Camp Pendelton to visit Sam and Erin.  As always, we are so honored that the Doc and other members of Kilo Battery have taken the time to come up and visit.

Christmas Gift Idea for Erin and Sam:  A couple of people have asked me about Christmas gift ideas for Sam and Erin, so I wanted to share a couple of ideas with you.  Luckily Erin doesn’t have a lot of expenses, but she is starting to drive up to Sacramento, so I thought a gas gift card might be very handy for her.  If you are Chevron Gift Card looking for a gift for Sam and Erin’s family as a whole (to help with ever increasing transportation and lodging expenses), a gas card sent to Erin would also be very helpful.  Many of us drive down once a week from Sacramento to Palo Alto which means about $50.00 in gas per trip.  Erin could even use the gift cards as Christmas presents for her family so she doesn’t have to dip into her savings.  If you are interested, here is a link to the Chevron Gift Card web site, or I’m sure you could pick up their gift card at a Chevron station.  Why did I pick Chevron?  They are involved in the Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program, so I thought it was a nice way to thank them for their participation in this worthy cause.

Sam’s medical status: 

Thursday November 29th, 2007:  Speech therapy went well today; although Sam still is only able to make a few grunts here and there.  He is still doing very well at answering the questions of the therapist with his finger signing.

Sam got weighed today and is at 163.8 lbs.  He’s gained back the two pounds he lost in the last few weeks when he was having stomach flu type symptoms.  His urinary tract infection test also came back negative.

Tuesday November 27th, 2007:  Doc Hanson bought Sam a whistle to help him with his speech therapy.  Erin said Sam did get a couple of sounds out of it.  There were also lots of other visitors today—Aunt Dean, Uncle Charles and Julie’s cousin Terri from Northern Idaho.  Also Sam’s brother and girlfriend were in town visiting.  It’s so nice to be surrounded by love!

Happy birthday Erin (she’s 24 today)…we ALL love you!


6 Responses to Join me and stand with our veterans

  1. Lazenby's says:

    happy birthday erin

  2. Chris Sheler says:

    Happy Birthday Erin. You are a blessing to Sam. Keep the faith, I am so inspired every time I check this page.

    God bless you and Sam.


  3. kabbruzzi says:

    Hi Sam, Erin and Family!


    Great news that Sam is doing well in speech therapy and that he’s put the 2lbs back!! Even better news that his infection is gone. It must have been so wonderful to see Doc, I hope you let him know that there are so many of us out here who thank him, Kilo Battery and each and every hero out there for everything that they do and sacrifice for us every day. Wish I could give him (all of them!!) a hug, maybe you can give them one for me next time you see them??

    Hope you all have a nice weekend. Please know that prayers, support and loads of Angel Hugs come your way each and every day and they always will. God bless you Sam, Erin and Family – keep up the great work. You CAN do it Sam, you WILL do it, and you ARE doing it!! May God give you all the peace, comfort and strength that you need every day.

    – Kris, a Soldier’s Angel from RI

  4. Courtney says:

    Happy Birthday Erin!!! Wish I could pop down there to say hi, but maybe soon. I wanted you to know that we’re praying for Sam and for you often. There is a phrase used at my church a lot, “The Victory is Worth the Fight!” I am so grateful that Sam has you and your faith by his side every day. Love you guys.

    Also, it really touched me to see you with Sam. I wanted to tell you that I really loved all of the handshakes/gestures you do with him – from “I love you” & “knuckles” to “live long and prosper” too funny. : ) And I swear he was trying to raise an eyebrow at me.

    Have a great weekend. HUGS


    PS – I created a blog for my little family (keep friends/family up-to-date on my kids’ happenings & pics) and in November I shared some pics from when I was down there – one of you (the cute one), a couple of funny eating pics and some from the house you’re staying in. If you don’t want any of them published in my blog, let me know and I’ll take em out. : )

  5. Lisa FIlbert says:

    It is atrocious that Iraq and Afghanistan injured Vets are being deprived if their bonuses and having them taken back. As a Disabled Vet, this disgusts me to my core. What bothers me more is that this isn’t screaming from the headlines of every newspaper and news program in the country. Every day more and more benefits are being stripped from Vets, disabled and other-wise. More and more Veteran facilities are being shut down or downsized to save money. We as a society need to make it clear that this type of behavior on the part of the Government will not be tolerated. Please take the time to go to the IAVA website and sign the petition.
    And on a lighter note…. Congratulations Sam! I just know you’ll be talking when I see you next, keep up the great work and progress. I can’t wait to get out there and see you and Erin! Hope you had a great Birthday Erin, you deserve it!

  6. Bobbie Toyne says:

    Happy Birthday, Erin – You have just reached the age of one of my granddaughters! What a great age that is. Remembering back, I was planning my wedding when I was 24…oh, sweet memories! God Bless and keep you. Love and hugs, Bobbie

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