Survive, Thrive and Alive – Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

For today’s blog entry, I’ve linked to a video called Survive Thrive and Alive!  Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury.  This is a 29 minute video, that in plain english, explains TBI (traumatic brain injury).  The video also tracks the ongoing recovery of several military personal and their families.

survive, thrive and alive! I can’t directly link to the TBI video, so if you have problems opening the link, try clicking on the graphic.  It should take you to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center web site where you will be able to click on their video to Survive, Thrive and Alive, Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury!

The Signature Wounds of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars:  TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are now common among war veterans and military personal returning from the middle east.  Because of the improvement in body armor, vehicle armor and battlefield medicine, many more troops are surviving injuries that would have been fatal in previous wars.  A medical evacuation that took 15 days to accomplish during the Vietnam era now takes 13 hours.

TBI affects thousands of troops returning from the middle east.  Sixty percent of our military wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom have incurred some type of blast injury, and about two-thirds of those troops have some form of TBI according to the Department of Defense.  I’ll discuss TBI as it relates to our troops in greater detail in later blogs.

Sam’s medical status:

Wednesday October 31st, 2007: Erin has a cold, so she has been trying to stay away from Sam the past few days, and when she has been in this room, she’s been using a mask.  Sam’s brother and girlfriend have been in Palo Alto the past couples of days to keep Sam company while Erin tries to get better. 

Sam’s Ritalin (not actually Ritalin, but something like it) was increased today to hopefully pep him up further for all his therapy sessions. 

Being big fans of Harry Potter, Sam’s brother brought wands for Halloween.  Erin said Sam was enjoying waving it around today. 

Tuesday October 30th, 2007:  Not a lot has been happening in the last few days.  Sam is continuing to work with his hand gestures and also using his rubber band training on his right arm. Sam’s grandma brought him a little red Weiner dog when she visited this past weekend.  Erin told me they when through a long process of naming him (1 finger for yes, 2 fingers for no) and they finally came up with the name “Jack”.  

Monday October 29th, 2007:  Erin said may be at a plateau right now, but that is a normal part of the process of recovery.  She has an incredible amount of faith that God is working on Sam.


4 Responses to Survive, Thrive and Alive – Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. kabbruzzi says:

    Hi Sam, Erin & Family,

    Stopping by to let you all know that you continue to be in my thoughts and my prayers each and every day. Erin I sure hope you feel better SOON!! It must be so hard to be away from Sam. I’d be feeling like I might miss something if I’m not there! Anyway I’m glad to read that Sam is doing well these days – even if it is status quo it’s still a good thing. You’re getting there Sam, yes you ARE!! Sam, Erin and Family, please know that there are prayers, support and LOADS of Angel Hugs coming your way each and every day. Would be so nice to give you all those hugs in person, but over the ether will have to do :-). God bless you all, and may He continue to give you the peace, comfort and strength that you need to get through every day.

    – Kris, a Soldier’s Angel from RI

  2. Steven says:

    sam and erin, its steve or sneed. sorry it took forever to email you. i was wondering if i can come down there before christmas and say hello to you all in person and to see how you are doing sam. Sam throw everytrhing that we been throw you are my brother and i love you

  3. This verse from Revelation reminds me of Erin’s unfailing dedication to Sam; if he does not comprehend it now, Sam will one day, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say after he has made after he has made a full recovery, and I continue to plead the Blood of Jesus on Sam.

    Re 12:11
    And they overcame him(satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

  4. Thank you for your continued efforts to educate your reader’s about traumatic brain injury in the face of Sam’s recovery. God bless you Tony. Per your information, last week Second Chance to Live was published in Transformation Times which is a mini-magazine that is published by Operation Life Transformed is an organization that serves men and women of the armed services and their families. The mini-magazine is located at .

    Please stay in touch with me Sir. God bless you, Sam and Erin.


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