Meeting the Blue Star Riders

Sam’s medical status:  Today we spent most of the day with Sam and Erin. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen Sam.  He’s definitely moving around much more.  That being said, he was also pretty sleepy through most of the time we were there which was about 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  He did a lot of yawning which is normal for a sleepy person, but I had never seen Sam do that since he was injured, so it was nice seeing him a little more animated.  As Erin has told me lately, his face is becoming more expressive.  That is good, but also a little disconcerting because you can also see when Sam is feeling pain or just feeling down.  From what I’ve read about people coming out of comas, there is a stage where they start to understand more of the predicament they are in which obviously causes bouts of depression and frustration. 

Next week should be exciting, as the therapist tell Erin they will try to get Sam in a more upright position in his bed which will get him physically ready to be put in a wheel chair.  I’m not sure of the time frame, but they want to get him up and out of the bed into a wheelchair so that he can be moved around and start experience the stimulus of being outside and in any other environment other than in a bed.  As of September 24th, he’s been bed ridden for 2 whole months, so it will be very exciting to see him a little mobile.  I asked Erin about the tracheotomy tube that he still has, and she said they would just disconnect it while he’s out of bed.  It isn’t doing any breathing for him, it’s just there to allow them to drain his lungs of any remaining mucus.

Wolf Richards and Blue Star Riders patches Meeting the Blue Star Riders:  When we arrived at the Polytrauma center in Palo Alto on Saturday, we met the Blue Star Riders.  As I said in my 9/25 blog entry , this group is dedicated to visiting our wounded warriors in the VA hospitals in and around the bay area.  We read and hear many differing opinions about being in Iraq and Afghanistan;  some very much for and some totally against, but 99 percent say, “we support the troops!”  Well, talk is cheap as they say.  The individuals in this organization put their words and their hearts into action.  I was so humbled and honored to meet them and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for truly honoring our country by dedicating themselves to visiting our wounded warriors. 


4 Responses to Meeting the Blue Star Riders

  1. Aunt Cari & Uncle David says:

    It was great to see Sam and Erin (and his mom and brother, Kelly and Marty) yesterday. We are amazed at how far Sam has come. When David made a joke to Sam, he smiled a really big smile. It seems like he wants to respond to communication, but may not quite have the “on” and “off” buttons worked out. He squeezed his mom’s hand and wouldn’t let go. He blinked when David asked him questions like, “do you understand us”? His eyebrows raised at certain things. We feel confident that Sam will be talking and walking before we know it! Hopefully by the holidays.

    Erin is amazing…so involved in every step on this journey. And so comfortable in the medical environment. It’s obvious there is an abundance of love between them and surrounding them. Erin asked Sam if he wanted a kiss, then planted one right on the lips. It was really cute and heart-warming.

    Eternal thanks to Tony for providing this great forum for everyone to keep up on the progress. And, of course, to everyone who is praying and sending positive vibes– it’s working, keep doing it!

  2. Tony Neria says:

    Hi Cari and David. I’m so glad you could see Sam and Erin on Sunday. As Pastor Morey said at their wedding, Sam and Erin are going to teach the rest of us how to love each other.
    Today I was musing about the time when Sam can really start smiling again. I’m so glad you got him to do it! Erin said today he smiled for her…it just took him a while to do it…sort of a delayed reaction until he can get all the “smile” circuit rewired from his brain to his mouth.

  3. Carol Calloway says:

    All the news is so encouraging about Sam. I know in my heart and believe with all my faith that he will recover from this completely. I continue to pray everyday and offer my daily Mass and Communion for Sam’ complete recovery. May God bless all of you and thank you, Tony, for these media to keep all of us informed of Sam’s progress. Please convey my best wishes to Erin that all will be well for her and Sam and a long happy life together.

  4. The love that this woman has for her husband has already taught us all how to …LOVE. The Bible refers to marriage many times as being the picture of Christ’s relationship to the Church; Erin has exemplified this time after time. This speaks volumes about her parents, Tony and Julie. God Bless You all!!!

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