Dear Hero

Sam’s medical status:  On Friday during Sam’s occupational therapy session, the therapist was having him pick up and drop a ball from his hand.  Thursday he tried this for the first time and couldn’t even drop the ball—he learns quickly though!  When the physical therapist was stretching his calf muscles, he started moving his neck and shoulders like he was trying to sit up and help with the stretching—another first for him.  During this physical therapy session he had a determined look on his face like he was really trying hard.

Erin said she figured something out just recently about Sam’s sleep pattern.  I’ve mentioned that the best time to visit him is between 10:00 AM and noon.  Erin said the night nurse told her that Sam was wide awake all Thursday night.  So that solves the mystery of why he seems so sleeping in the afternoon and evening.  Erin thinks Sam’s body is still on Iraq time.  They are going to try a few things to get him back on pacific time.  His room also has a nice big window and he is very close to it, so hopefully that will help get him back on the right sleeping schedule.  Once Sam is back on a night time sleeping schedule it will be much easier for Sam to have visitors at other times of the day.

A Soldier's Mind

A message to our troops:  One of the blogs I normally check in my RSS Feeds is A Soldier’s Mind which is run by two people—a US Army veteran and a lady who is has a son in the Army.  They shared a letter from a friend that I would also like to share with you.  Many times we want to express our deep appreciation for the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airman serving in our armed forced but we just can’t find the right words.  Here is a letter from a gentleman named Marty (who was never in the military)—he does a really good job of expressing what many of us feel:

Dear Hero,

I am a man or a woman, a father or a mother, a brother or a sister, a son or I am a daughter.  I am black, white, red, yellow, or I am brown.  I am as you are, for I am American.  I come from abroad and I come from here, having sworn an oath or by birthright, as an American I have what many in our world crave and dream of and that is freedom. 

I am free to fall asleep at night without fear of being roused from my bed at gunpoint and I am free to speak my mind.  I am free to work and pray where I choose and I have become so comfortable with my freedoms that I take them all for granted.  I come from all walks of life and from all levels of wealth yet as an American I am an equal among my fellow citizens and I can choose to do with my life what I will.  As an American, I am privileged, though far too often I do not think of this as I am often too busy with mundane things to consider it.  Some may say these are foolish statements but they are in fact the truth.

All of these freedoms have come at a price, a price I will never pay, that burden has fallen to another.  There are a few Americans who have chosen to be my guarantors because they have chosen to be my defenders and they have chosen this of their own free will and at great personal cost.  I speak of the noblest among us, of the ones who have answered the call to arms.  I speak of you my dear friend, I speak of you.

I would like to apologize to you my brother, for taking you for granted, and I would like to thank you my sister for your sacrifice.  To you my son, I tell you of the pride I felt in my heart as I watched you leave for far away lands and to you my daughter, I say I have never known such a love.  Father, I ask for your understanding when I turned my back on you, unable to look you in the eye and see your greatness, and mother forgive me for my unkind words towards you when I did not understand what it was you had done for me.  I now know that without you, I would not be.

It has taken me far to long to realize the sacrifices you have made for me and as ashamed as I am for my ignorance, I could not allow another day to pass without telling you how I feel and how grateful I am to you for the person you are.  I have chosen today to let you know that I finally understand.  I understand what it is you have known for so long, that there is no other country like America.  With all it’s flaws, America is a shining beacon to all the world of what can be achieved and what must be protected at all cost.

To you my friend I say, God’s speed.  You so deserve and have my admiration and my respect.  You brave and noble warrior take into your heart my gratitude and my love.  I’ll keep the home fires burning until you return when your work is done and on that day I’ll grasp your hand as I look you in the eye and say to you, “Thank You”.

An American


2 Responses to Dear Hero

  1. When our son enlisted in the Army, she knew that he would be going to war, and she fell to her knees, and afterwards, God gave her this song, and I want to share it with you. it applies to all of our soldiers, and marines alike, and it is a mother’s prayer to God.

  2. Terri says:

    Thanks Tony for posting Uncle Marty’s letter. He’s an awesome man. Actually right now I have a son in the National Guards, a step-son who just joined the Army and is in AIT and Marty my significant other (not the same as Uncle Marty) who’s currently finishing up his 3rd tour in Iraq, and should be home sometime in November.

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