National Naval Medical Center – Bethesda Maryland

 Sam’s medical status:  Everything is on track.  Sam had a fever today but they gave him Tylenol in the morning and he is getting back to normal.  Sam’s mother sent a special stuffed “Nurse Bear” dressed in a nurses outfit (of course) to help with Sam’s recovery.  Erin sat Nurse Bear in between Sam’s legs so she can watch over him when Erin is not in the room. 

NMCC Bethesda Maryland II

Surgical Ward – 5 East:  I’m on my way back to Sacramento after spending a week with Erin and Sam.  I wanted to say a few words about the folks working at the Hospital—specifically the doctors, nurses, corpsman, etc. in surgical ward 5 NMCC Badgeeast.  All of these medical people working in this ward are extremely professional and dedicated.   They worked so well together and treated Erin and Sam with such care and tenderness.  They took their time to explain procedures to Erin and really seemed to care about his well being.  

Even though many of the medical personal seemed so young (maybe because I’m just getting old) they were so knowledgeable and helpful.  I felt very proud knowing that these medical personal were representative of all the men and women in our military working at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.   

Snoop Dogg: We sort of met Snoop Dogg today.  He was in the ward visiting all the wounded Marines and Soldiers.  If you don’t know, he is probably one of the most recognized and popular rap artist around.  I don’t know much about him, but he’s on lots of rap music videos and TV all the time so I guess he’s cool.  The younger folks in the ward were pretty excited about him being there. 

The bottom line, is Snoop Dogg is a very well known celebrity and he was spending the holiday weekend visiting the wounded troops, so—that really impressed me.  It was interesting seeing his “entourage” which consisted of two seven foot very heavy set black body guards dressed in black…. 


4 Responses to National Naval Medical Center – Bethesda Maryland

  1. I believe that every person has at least one gift; some people never discover what the gift or gifts are; some decide that they will not use their gift or talents, others simply don’t care about anyone else, but my favorite people of all time are doctors, nurses, firefighters, and many others in rescue. My brother was a fireman/EMT for 27 years. May God bless all of them! I will be hitting the stairs tomorrow morning, and praying for Samuel. Until tomorrow… Keep the Faith!

    James 1:17
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning

  2. Danalee says:

    When I hear of celebrities (like Grace Slick and Snoop Dog) visiting our wounded Heroes, they become more human themselves and rise in my esteem. It is good to know who the ‘class acts’ are that don’t seek the opportunities with news crews, but rather the quiet, private arena. I think it shows they are well centered and secure. Thanks, Tony, for highlighting some of these folks for us. Have a safe trip back to Sacramento. I’m sure Erin really enjoyed having her Dear Dad with her. In no time at all, Sam will be in Palo Alto and the Circle of Love will be even stronger around Erin and Sam. The best is yet to come! Praise God!

  3. Carol Thomas says:

    Dear Friends in Christ we do not really know each other but a friend sent me your site so I could pray. Know that daily I check the site and PRAY. I am sure there are many folks you don’t even know asking God for a miracle for you wonderful folks. Keep believing and know we care.

  4. Liz Finberg-Timmerman says:

    Im glad Sam is doing better and impressed by the fact such a well known celebrity made his way out to support our soldiers.

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