A classy celebrity!

Sam’s medical status:   All vital signs are staying strong.  Sam still has a little pneumonia, but the nurse feels he is on the correct level of antibiotics to take care of that problem.  As soon as he’s off antibiotics for three days he can be tested to insure he doesn’t have any micro-organisms that he could pass on to anyone else—which means we won’t need to use mask, gloves and gown when we are around him.

Sam had an angiogram today to see if his gallbladder had to be removed but they said it is working fine, so no surgery for that!

As I’m writing this (it’s actually Thursday around 6:00 PM Eastern) the nurse poked her head in and told us they are getting ready to take the chest tube out of Sam.  This is the tube used to drain his lungs of fluid.  He’ll still have the trach tube with oxygen to help supplement his breathing. 

When we arrived this morning, the social worker told us that Sam has been accepted to the VA Hospital in Palo Alto where he will receive brain stimulation therapy.  Very good news!!!  The time frame for his move to Palo Alto is three to four weeks.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie drops by!:  One of the Marine Corps liaisons poked his head in the room yesterday afternoon and said, “do you mind if Stevie Nicks drops by your room for a few minutes?”  And I said, “sure, not a problem”.  After about thirty seconds of processing time, I said to Erin, “did he mean, THE Stevie Nicks?” 

It really was Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac!  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  We had no idea she was going to be there or that she ever visited any troops.  When she came in Erin was a little busy with Sam and the nurse so she walked up me and asked me my name.  Hopefully I told her the right name—I’m not sure.  She explained to me that she wanted to do something for our wounded soldiers and thought the one thing that always helps her heal, is listening to music!  She then handed me an iPod Nano and said it was full of songs that she hoped would help Sam with the healing process.  She also gave Erin an autographed picture (actually the one you see in this blog entry) and a poem that she wrote for the wounded soldiers.  She said it is currently in poem form but eventually when the inspiration hits, she’ll turn it into a song.  

That is all very nice, but what really impressed me about Stevie Nicks was that when I was telling her about Sam and his wounds, she stood right next to me and really looked into me in the eyes.  She even rubbed my shoulder when she was talking to me and then gave me a very heart felt hug!  When Erin was done with the nurse, Stevie spoke to her at length and got very emotional and weepy when she was hugging Erin.  Wow, what a classy lady!   

As she was leaving the USO lady took pictures in the hall of the three of us.  Hopefully I’ll get the picture emailed to me so I can publish it while I’m here.  Otherwise, I’ll wait until I can scan it back home.  


5 Responses to A classy celebrity!

  1. Continue to touch Sam, and ask God for a healing…He is faithful. It sounds like you are continuing to see your miracle take shape.

    As a parent of a wounded soldier, I am so thankful that Stevie came. It was a very kind & obviously sincere gesture on her part. Keep the Faith!

    Jas 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up

  2. Bobbie Toyne says:

    I read the blog every day that I can…or catch up with what is going on…Keep the faith…More things are wroght by prayer than one can ever believe! More of my friends are praying for Sam and for the whole family…God Bless. Love and prayers, Bobbie

  3. Nicole Moen says:

    That is SOOO cool that Stevie Nicks was there and did all that for you guys. Just goes to show how many amazing, caring, giving people there are in this world. I hope you all enjoyed the visit because you all deserve it, especially you Erin! I can’t wait for Sam to come to Cali! It would be amazing to go visit him, and have everyone back at home. This is great news, and more GREAT news is on its way! Have faith and keep on praying EVERYONE!!! Tony, I really can’t thank you enough for creating this page. This truly means so much to everyone!!! You are such a wonderful man, and Erin and Sam are soo lucky to have you as a father, along with everyone else who considered you the “ROTC DAD” as well as your wife the “ROTC MOM!” I remember in high school in ROTC there was not one event where “MOM” wasn’t there, along with you. I remember you were always taking pictures and video taping everything. You definately made a HUGE impact in our high school days, no doubt in my mind. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP, SUPPORT, AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU DO FOR US!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU “NERIA’S”!!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough!

  4. Erin, my great granddaughter, I can’t praise her enough for the help she is giving Sam, her dear husband. She has a very sweet nd loving way for caring. and the love she is giving her husband by talking and touching him, is the best medicine he could get just knowing she is there. Erin and Sam are special and my prayers are for both of them. For her strength and his recovery, God bless them both is my prayer.

    Great Grandma Ruby

  5. Patty says:

    Hi Sam and Erin,

    I know I’m reading this almost a year later, I found you because of Stevie Nicks. I hope this note finds you both well along in the healing process. I just wanted to say hello, I’m going to post your story in blog tomorrow. I know Stevie is a very generous giving person, and
    you rarely hear about what she does, as that is how she wants it I’m sure. I always post things about our Vets and Stevie on myspace. So, I’m going to share your story with my
    Stevie Nicks Sisters and Brothers. I had requested this past Christmas that we all send
    Christmas/Holiday cards to Walter Reed, which we did, however they were all returned to us…hopefully this year we’ll be able to get them thru. God Bless you both, you’re a big
    inspiration to me, and I’m sure alot of other folkes as well. Thanks too Sam for your
    service to our great nation, and to you Erin for being the special woman that you are.

    As Stevie just said last month in Atlantic City, NJ, “Listen to Music, and maybe we’ll have alittle more Peace”. I attended the concert, and she also asked everyone to support the USO 🙂 Take Care,

    Wilmington, Delaware 7/7/2008

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