Angels watching over Sam

Sam’s medical status:  Erin said the bronchoscopy went well today (Saturday).  They checked the fluid coming from Sam’s lungs and there is no infection.  His skin graphs also look good after removing the wound vacuums.  Other than that, he had a really good day.

Erin has a docking station for her iPod (another gift from a local charity) and she plays music for Sam all the time.  She said she was “drumming” on him today to the beat of the music (to stimulate his mind…not to irritate him!) and he was responding again with lip, eye and eyebrow movement.  The movement all seems to be coming from the right side of his face.  Erin said he keeps giving her the “Elvis look” when he’s responding to the music. 

Callie’s Video of Sam and Erin:  My niece, “Callie” is 14 and lives in Orangevale California about  fifteen minutes from us.  Both my daughters have baby-sat Callie and her brother Joey all their lives.  There is a special bond because of that and also because Callie’s brother Joey is a special needs child with Angleman Syndrome—Joey adores both Erin and Sam. 

I just gave you a REAL short version of the cousin story, but as I said, there is a very special bond between all of them.  Callie sent me a video of some pictures of Sam and Erin with the music to “Angels Among Us”…and being a computer savvy kid, has posted it on YouTube.  Some are pictures from this blog and some, I’ve never seen before.  So—-here is the embedded version with love from Callie.  Just click on the “play” control to view the video (I always have to hit it twice for some reason).  Callie—Thank you for the video…we love you!:

I’m on my way to Bethesda to be with Erin and Sam for a week so I’m going to publish the blog entry for Sunday a little early.  I’ll be there from August 26th through September 2nd.  I’m assuming I will be able to continue the web blog entries from there.  If you don’t hear from me on Monday, then I’m having problems accessing the Internet from the hospital.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get on line without any problems. 

Continue to pray for a Miracle for Sam!


9 Responses to Angels watching over Sam

  1. Steve Marquez says:

    I Love You Guys More Then You’ll Ever Know Ernie And Sam!

  2. Shilo Marquez says:

    You two mean the world to us… The Marquez’s. I am truely greatful for everything Sam did for Steve when they were in Iraq in 04 as well as everything he and Erin did when they got back. Thank you so much for taking care of him while I was gone…
    Even my LCpl asks me for updates on Sam. She is praying for him probably as much as I am…
    I love you both.
    and Isaiah
    The Marquez’s xoxo

  3. Sam IS going to make it; sometimes these “healings” take time, and while we are waiting, Sam’s body is knitting, and that includes his brain; we need to patient, and keep praying for the patient. I sat and cried as a watched the video, and I could only think of that light; that light of Jesus, so everyone out there…keep being a reflector of the light; God is in the process of honoring that; He is healing Sam as we speak. Here is my verse of the day. I really did not plan on posting Bible verses everyday, but as the Lord leads, I try to respond.

    Let your light SO shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

  4. Callie says:

    I hope you all liked my video…I have loved this song since I was about three I think, and as I was listening to it Friday, it revealed a whole new meaning to me–it completely hit home. I knew my mom had a ton of pictures of Erin and Sam on her computer, so since I love making videos to post on youtube, I decided this would be the perfect thing to do. As I said in the video, I love Sam as if he was more than just my “cousin-in-law”. He is one of the nicest, greatest guys I’ve ever met.

    I remember when Erin and Sam were dating and she started bringing him to family gatherings. Being close to Erin, I wanted her to myself, so any time I could, I would snatch her away from Sam. Any time I saw they were going to kiss, I would go up to them and make them stop. Of course, it wasn’t that I didn’t like Sam. I think I just knew that they were serious and I didn’t want to lose my Erin.

    Eventually, I let Sam spend time with Erin even when I was around, and even let them kiss. I was so happy when I heard they were getting married because, even though I was young, I knew they were perfect for each other. Sam and Erin love each other so much and I think that’s obvious to anyone who’s spent time with them.

    I love Sam and Erin, and I pray for Sam’s recovery.


  5. Becky says:

    Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Erin and Sam and with all of your family. Joni told me about her dear Nephew in law and I was so saddened. I too am from the Orangevale area and have known Joni for many years. I travel for a living and am based back here in the DC area. I am only about 3 miles from Bethesda Naval Hospital. I think about the many men and women being cared for there most every day when I drive by. Walter Reed and Bethesda are very dear and close to my heart and prayers as are the many being cared for there. I know Sam is in the best hands at Bethesda. I hope I can stop by in the near future to give your family a hug from a back home CA friend. Callie’s video touched my heart. The love your family has for dear Sam will carry him through I’m sure. He’s got the best praying for him from all over the world. God Bless you Sam. I believe in Miracles.

  6. Bobbie Toyne says:

    What a wonderful job Callie did on the video – it was wonderful for you to share it with all of us…God Bless, Bobbie

  7. Diana Dent says:

    Dear Family,
    I have been praying so much for Sam. I just wanted to finally say something as words are so helpful in this time. Sam , Erin and families we are praying for a miracle! God Bless You Sam!

    The video was awesome. I cried thru the video too. I remember the wedding how beautiful Erin looked and Sam looked very handsome. What a wonderful memory video and more memories to come.
    We pray for Sam.

    Take Care and Tony keep us posted.

    Ken, Diana, Danielle Dent
    Orangevale, Ca

  8. Liz Finberg-Timmerman says:

    i loved the video! Thank you Callie so much for it.

  9. Erin Nichols says:

    Thanks Cal. You’re a rock star! I love you.

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