A Call from the Squad Leader

Sam’s medical status:  I wanted to make some clarifying remarks about Sam’s progress.  The wording of the “Sam’s current status” box on right column of this web blog has not changed since I initially wrote it on August 2nd.  We have been seeing many small improvements, like some eye, lip and leg movement over the past three weeks, but—I just want to ensure you know the reason we are praying so ardently for a miracle is because that is exactly what we need for Sam to recover.  So—continue pray without ceasing! 

Sam and Sgt Robles next to Humvee in Iraq III

Sam’s Squad Leader:  Sometimes an email is ok to pass information along to someone.  But occasionally it really takes a phone call to express the emotion of a certain situation.  I received a phone call like that a few days ago from Sam’s squad leader in Iraq (Sgt. Robles).  He emailed me first and asked if I could give him my phone number and I of course obliged.  Sgt. Robles wanted to express to Erin and all Sam’s family and friends that the guys in his platoon in Iraq are pulling for him.  Sgt. Robles said, many nights in Iraq when they were are all sitting round in the field, Sam would go on and on about about his Erin.  Sgt Robles wanted us to pass on a message to Sam because he knows Sam can hear what we are saying to him—and he expressed it only as a Marine could:  

“Sam, we are praying that you will come through for everyone because we need you a lot.  Don’t quit now because you already put up one hell of a fight brother.  I still need you to keep these young Marines squared away.”

Sgt Robles further went on to say that he was also injured by the same IED and as they were being evacuated (even though Sam was unconscious), he kept telling Sam,

“you’re going to be all right Sam and you are on your way home to be where you belong with Erin.” 

Thank you Sgt. Robles for the phone call, the email and the pictures.  I know they will be keepsakes.  We are all praying for you Marines.   


3 Responses to A Call from the Squad Leader

  1. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
    Isaiah 40:31

    Just understand that God does have a timetable that may not fit ours, but He just wants us to trust HIM. I know that you all are trusting God, and when it is all said and done, your
    “Waiting on Sam” will honored by God. I still plead the Blood of Jesus on all of you. LW

  2. Carol Calloway says:

    To Sam and all the Marines out there, God bless you all and know that the prayers of this sister of a Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam is praying that all of you come home safe and sound very soon.


  3. Nicole Moen says:

    I pray for Sam, Erin, the Neria’s and the Nichols everyday and I will continue to as well. I also pray for all the marines, soliders and everyone who is fighting for our country! Thank you to everyone who is fighting for our country and I pray for you everyday that you are safe and return to your families safely. All I can say is everyone please keep up the positive thoughts and continue praying for Sam and for a miracle because it seems to be working a little bit. And I know I thank you a lot Tony, but this really truly means a lot to everyone what you are doing. It helps everyone out and keeps everyone updated so that we know whats going on and that we’re not just sitting around wondering and getting upset. No sir, you keep us and everyone updated on a daily basis and you share beautiful pictures of Sam and wonderful stories to keep us motivated, positive, and hopeful. Thank you again, and like I said, I will be praying everyday and night and pass the word to everyone I knwo and their churches. There are so many people on Sam’s side and it touches me everyday how much this has affected everyone. It is a heroic story! Thank you and God Bless!!!

    Nicole Moen

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