The Brotherhood

Sam’s medical status:  Nothing new to report today except that yesterday Sam had a very quiet day—no poking or prodding by the medical staff.  All his vital signs are normal.  It also gave Erin a little time to relax because she is right there with the medical staff when there is anything happening with Sam.

Marine Brothers:  It’s interesting—you hear so much about the brotherhood of the Marines.  I’ve heard from a few Marines in Sam’s squad and I’ve shared some of the nice things they’ve said about him.  I have no doubt the Marines in his squad consider him their brother. These young men rely on each other and in some cases, die for each other.  I can’t even fathom the bonds these young men create and I can’t even fathom what they go through on a daily basis in Iraq!

Sam with brothers Donny and MartyFraternal Brothers: One thing that has always impressed me about Sam has been the relationship he has with his “real” brothers Donny and Marty.   I remember the first time I saw them together, I was really taken aback by the way they treated each other—hugging each other and saying “I love you!” in front of everyone.  I originally thought they were just kidding around, but that is really how they treat one other!  So I guess it wasn’t a big stretch for Sam to move from being a brother to Donny and Marty to a brother to all his Marine buddies.    

The next time you see a Marine, don’t ask him what it’s like being in a war, just thank him for serving his country.  These young men are all volunteers and they have something inside that drives them to serve their country in a way that most of us would never even consider.  See the quote below—

Thank you Sam for your service to our country.  And to all you guys in Kilo battery who are still serving in Iraq—thank you for your service, and we pray for your safe return.

For Honor, For Courage, For Country

The Few, the Proud, the Marines


7 Responses to The Brotherhood

  1. Courtney Phelps says:

    Thank you Mr. Neria for keeping this blog up-to-date. I love reading about Sam’s progress and your thoughtful blurbs as well. I especially love to see these pictures. This is a great one of Marty, Donny & Sam.

    Erin, if you read this I just wanted to say HI and to let you know that Royce and I are continuing to stand with you (there in spirit) for Sam’s healing. He has perfect timing and is healing him and preparing him to wake.

    By the way, Royce got a good chuckle out of the “cute Phelps boys” comment. : )

    ~ Courtney

  2. Steve Marquez says:

    How You Doing Mr. Neria?
    Sam and I have been Friends Since about mid 2004 before his first tour to iraq. He was deffinintly my brother there and more my brother when we came back. I did not want him to leave for his second tour there but he said he wanted to make sure his troops made it back and I understood where he was coming from for our first tour some of our Sgt’s did the same. I Love this man as much as I would my own brother not having any of my own, He is a great man, he listened when I needed to talk to him he and erin took me in when i was living alone in an apartment when we came back from iraq and looking out for me when i was going through some personal problems I love your daughter as my sister as well and am glad and lucky to call these two my friends. I Love you Sam And Ernie! Thank You Mr. Neria For keeping us up to date on sam’s progress

  3. Liz Finberg-Timmerman says:

    Thank you to everyone still serving in Iraq and to all of Sams brothers in the marines thanks for being there for him when all his friends and family at home couldnt. I love you Erin. We are so proud of you, im glad to hear that you were able to finally relax. I enjoyed the story about Sam and his brothers. They are wonderful. Kelley, I love you and miss you. Thank you Tony for continuing the blog everyday.

  4. Sandra Stacy/Timmerman says:

    Hi Erin, Just wanted you to know that Sam is on the (May God Heal You) list at my. Temple or Rison. Prayers will be said for Sam every Friday and Saturday by my congregation. God bless you Erin. Love Sandra

  5. Bobbie Toyne says:

    Still praying for you Sam and Erin…I’ve just emailed my whole family and they are praying, too…I know how much przyer can heal! Both soul and body. Hang in there, both of you and keep the Faith. Love and hugs, Bobbie Toyne

  6. Carol Calloway says:

    Thank you, Sam, for all you have sacrificed for our country and to all the berave young men and women who are fighting overseas for our country. I pray everday that God will protect you all and birng you home safely very soon to those who love you. My brother, Claude McDaniel, was killed in Vietnam and I know what some of the families are experiencing when they loose their loved ones. I don’t want to see one more family suffer this grieve that is often lived for decades by the mothers and fathers of these young people. God bless you all!


  7. Jana Chehrazi says:

    Dear Sam and family,

    I am an old friend of Kelley and Eric Nichols (sam’s parents). My prayers are with you all, especially Kelley as she is my sister’s best friend since 2nd or 3rd grade. Her pain at having her son severely wounded is something only a parent would know. Our whole community is praying for Sam and Erin.
    God be with you all.

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