Purple Heart

purple heartOne of Sam’s more serious wounds that occurred in Iraq was a leg wound that created a six inch by four inch gash in one of his calf muscles.  Yesterday the doctors cleaned out this wound and were debating on whether or not to amputate Sam’s leg at the knee.  Erin sent us a text message yesterday and told us that the wound was healing enough that an amputation was not necessary.  Erin attributes the saving of the leg to all the prayers that have been coming in from all over the country.  She said she is really starting to understand the power of prayer and is so thankful to everyone for the comments of support and prayer they have been leaving on this web blog. General Robert Magnus

Yesterday Erin and Sam were visited by the Assistant-Commandant of the Marine Corp, General Robert Magnus.  He was in Washington D.C. and heard about Sam’s plight.  When he arrived at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, he presented Sam with the purple heart.   He also gave Erin his card and told her to call him if he could be of further assistance to her.   She said the general was very personable and really impressed her with his concern and empathy.


5 Responses to Purple Heart

  1. Carol Berul says:

    What a fine, noble young man! I have not yet had the honor of meeting Sam in person and pray for the day that will happen.

    Thank you all so much for sharing Sam’s and your story through this blog. It is a great help for those of us who know, love and care about all of you.

    We do not often get the opportunity to stay in touch with the daily challenges that face our heroes who return wounded from combat and their families. You are not only honoring Sam’s incredible bravery and goodness of heart, you are helping us to understand and honor all the other war-wounded and give them and their families a collective voice through yours.

    God bless all of you. You are all very close to the heart of God and WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  2. Jessica Augerlavoie-Teeters says:

    I am so very thankful that Sam will not have to lose his leg. Sam is in my thoughts and prayers consantly. Does he have any other serious injuries aside from the leg, brain, and spinal cord?

  3. Ynes Lizarraga-Chew says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you to strengthen and guide through this difficult time. I know you have a great faith and this is your best guide always.

  4. Tim & Jay says:

    We have added Sam and your families to our prayer chain at church, Erin. Stay strong, sweetheart. We are all praying and send our love.

  5. Erin Nichols says:

    Again, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Faith overules fact.!

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