Support from Angels

I just returned from DC last night and want to share first hand how amazing the support is that we are given by the hospital and also by the charity foundations who devote themselves to helping military families in need.

On site at the Hospital there is a Marine liaison office that has been more helpful than is imaginable. These Marines who are assigned to take care of us will drive us anywhere we need to go, provide clothes, toiletries and anything we could have possibly forgotten. Most importantly, it feels as though they are just as concerned with the improvement of Sam’s condition as we are. When Sam gave us a scare with his heart rate at 5 am, a Marine was sitting next to us in the waiting room in his pajamas waiting to hear an update.


An Organization called Soldiers Angels has been such a blessing to us in this time of tragedy. Soldiers Angels was started by an ordinary mother of a war veteran who expressed his concern that some soldiers did not receive any mail or support from home. This organization has been paying for all of our flights to DC and is also willing to pay for rental cars, food and any other expense need. Other organizations such as The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society will be paying for Erin and Sam’s monthly bills for as long as he is hospitalized and possibly longer. Another charity, The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, is also helping to pay for flights and $64 a day for food and everyday expenses for any family members who go to visit Sam .

injured marine semper fi fund

I hope this can motivate people to make contributions to these wonderful programs that have made our crisis their own.

My sister expressed to me that half the time she is crying, she is thinking about the overwhelming support she is receiving from everyone around her. She would like everyone to know that she is overwhelmed and thankful for the support and prayers that are directed toward her and her husband.

Allison (Erin’s sister)


13 Responses to Support from Angels

  1. Thanks for the update, Ali. I started crying, again, reading about the Marine in his pajamas ‘standing watch’ with you…it was very poignant. I wish I’d had a sister like you in my life. And, thank you for the information on the organizations we can support.

  2. Carol Berul says:

    What extraordinary groups! Can you post their web links on the blogroll for those of us who would like to make donations?

  3. allisoneria says:

    In response to Carol’s comment…

    - The foundation allows you to make a single donation and also has a great program in which you can adopt a soldier.



  4. Jessica Augerlavoie-Teeters says:

    Thank you for the update. I am in Japan and I have my church and friends praying for Sam. We are all thinking of you. I start to cry everytime I think about what Sam and both of your families are going through. I can’t even tell anyone what has happened without bursting into tears. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult this all must be. Just please remember we are all praying and thinking of Sam, the Nichol’s and the Neria’s.

  5. Sami says:

    Thank you so much for the update and posting the websites of these amazing organizations, we will be sure to donate.

    Kevin and are so sorry for all you and your families are going thru. God bless and keep you all.

    Love Sami

  6. Kevin Rollins says:

    Thanks for letting us know how to help in a tangible way. They sound like wonderful organizations that provide support and benevolence to those in need.

    Our prayers continue to lift up the Nichols and Neria families.

    May the Lord of creation provide miracles beyond our capacity to imagine. All praise to Him.

    Kevin and Vickie Rollins
    Greencastle IN

  7. Michael Monk II says:

    To all who know and love Sam, prayer is the most powerful thing in the world. We are united through prayer and God calls us in the gift of faith to trust him. We who were not united on July 23 ( the day before Sam was attacked), are now united in our prayers. Not because of our doing but because of God’s calling. God has called us to together, just as a father would call his children together in times like these. God’s love for Sam is greater than our love for our own children. Trust God with all of your heart and continue to pray for all of the soldiers and families that have been affected during this war. God bless you all, Mike and Susan Monk

  8. karlinskorner

    Thank you for your post!

  9. Patrick Couhie says:

    Hi, I’m the Corpsman that was there to tend to Sam when the incident happened. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to contact more quickly, but things have been a bit hectic lately. Sam has never been far from my mind and I am always praying for him and Erin. I hope everyone is being treated well over there and Sam gets better. Sam was more of a man, a marine, and a good friend that anyone could have asked for. My hopes and prayers are with you all, and I look forward to hopefully talking to you all soon. God Bless.
    -HM3 Patrick Couhie aka “Doc”

  10. Karyl says:

    Hello Sam, Erin and Families,

    I have read the story about you in the Sacramento Bee and want you to know how it touched me. I am prayinging for you all, for a miracle and your continued strength and love.
    A speacial thank you to you Sam for defending our wonderful contry and what it stands for and a full recovery and return to your family and friends soon, you are a special person.

  11. Erin and Family, I taught Sam at Pasteur Middle School in 1997-98 in P.E. and History. I believe Erin also went to Pasteur. I read the Bee article and was touch by the families comments and Erin. I remember him as an intelligent students who was fun to talk to in class. You never know what your students will do in the future but I admire his courage and desire to do the right thing for his country. I lost a good friend in Vietnam and remember the pain I felt when I heard the news. I will keep Sam in mind and pray for a miracle. I hope this war will end soon and others will not have to put their sons and daughters in harms way. We will keep Sam in our thoughts.

  12. Erin and Family, I was so sorry to hear about Sam. I taught him history at Pasteur Middle School. I believe Erin went there too. I will keep Sam in my thoughts. He was a great kid in school with a good sense of humor and fun to talk to. Know that he joined the Marines to do what was best for his nation. Thanks for your nice article in the Sacramento Bee. Past Teacher, Mr. Munizich

  13. Dear Erin and Sam’s Family,
    I am Patrick Couhie’s mom and he has asked that we, his family, pray for Sam’s healing. We are curious how Sam is doing now. Please post more recent comments. We still pray for Sam and we pray for a miracle to happen for him.
    Most sincerely, Suzanne Couhie

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